Materials for Laser Cutting

The following materials are approved for use in the LaserPro laser engraver
Acrylic                                         Foam                                Plywood
Anodized Aluminum                 Glass                                 Stone
Anodized Metal                         Leather                             Tile
Cardboard                                  Marble                              Veneer
Ceramics                                    Paper                                Wood

Be aware that some of these materials are flammable and require very low power settings with high speed.

The following materials are NOT approved for use in the LaserPro laser engraver:

Polycarbonate (lexan)                 Polystyrene                     Foam core
PVC                                                HDPE                                Coated carbon fiber

Materials not addressed in this list must be presented to the permanent staff with MSDS for determination of acceptability. Decision of staff will be final, caution will prevail in case of ambiguity.