Snap Schedule

                                        Logging into Snap Schedule

Video tutorials are available at the following link:

Punch In
(1) Go to on any browser. This will be open at all times on one of the monitors. Log in with your information as follows:

  • Company code: Thayer (for every employee)
  • Employee Code: NetID
  • Employee password: [first name initial][last name] (all smalls)




(2) Once logged in, go to the left panel and find “punch in/out” tab. Click the tab to punch in.


(3) Click on “Punch in” button in the middle of the screen.


(4) Enter a reason, and a small note or you may skip these, and click on “Punch In” again to complete the punching in process.


(5) You will immediately see the punched in time, or times if there are multiple punches for that day. This also confirms that punch in has been successful.



(6) You can proceed to “log out” now for the next user. The button can be found at the top right corner.


Punch out:
Follow the same logging in procedure and at step 3, “Punch Out”, just like you “Punched In”. Log out again when you are punched out.