TA Agreement

  1. The first and primary job of every shop TA is to keep shop users safe. Please report any unsafe conditions immediately to machine shop staff.
  2. TA’s are required to follow machine shop safety regulations – so put on a hat, safety glasses, and a shop button while at work.
  3. The Greeter will post TA work schedules near the start of each term. TA’s are expected to honor their established shift timings throughout the term.
  4. TA’s are not allowed to work at the hours outside their schedule, unless they have received prior permission from Kevin Baron AND notified Mshop via Blitz.
  5. TA’s are required to login/logout at the Greeter desk at no more than seven minutes before/after their scheduled shift.
  6. The Greeter will prepare payroll time sheets bi-weekly. TA’s will be notified during the week timesheets are due. TA’s are responsible for signing the timesheets that week by Friday at 4:30PM.
  7. TA’s must enter and exit the shop from the door by the Greeter’s desk. Access to other doors is limited to the machine shop staff.
  8. If a TA will be absent ANY part of their scheduled shift, the TA must email both Kevin and Mshop in advance with an explanation for the absence.
  9. If a TA has no work to do, the TA is expected to solicit a task assignment from a member of the shop technical staff.
  10. TA’s may take one 15min break per two-hour period. TA’s are not permitted to eat lunch or snacks during their shift, except during scheduled breaks. Notify a greeter when you are taking a break.