Roland MDX40A

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  • Subtractive rapid prototyping technology:

    • Creates accurate prototypes for complex snap-fit
    • Proves part manufacturability better than additive methods
    • Handles a wide variety of materials and generates a smooth surface finish
  • CNC mill, bundled with 4-axis SRP Player CAM software makes it quick and easy to go from a CAD model to physical part or prototype
  • Large 12” by 12” by 4.1” maximum work volume without rotary axis
  • Optional rotary axis supports materials up to 10.6” long by 4.7” in diameter
  • Virtual control panel offers additional functions

    • Moves tool in vertical, horizontal and transverse directions, and to a user-specified position
    • Adjusts the speed of cursor movements for easier origin setting
  • Real-time cutting and spindle speed override capability
  • Bundled Roland ClickMill™ software

    • Surfaces materials, adds holes and rounds edges – all without 3D CAD file
  • Emergency stop switch and machine cover for clean, quiet and safe work environment