Turning--ProtoTRAK SLX Control

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  • Advanced capability
  • Easy transition between manual and CNC
  • Easy to learn and use – even the most advanced operations
  • Configure the control to your needs


  1. Facing: Produce a flat surface at the end of the part
  2. Boring: enlarge a hole made by previous process or tubular workpiece or to produce internal grooves.
  3. Drilling: to create holes
  4. Parting: cutting off a piece from the end of a part
  5. Threading: to produce internal and external threads in workpieces
  6. Knurling: to produce a regularly shaped roughness or cylindrical surfaces, as in making knobs.
  7. Reaming: an operation used to make an existing hole dimensionally more accurate than it can be by drilling alone.


  1. Aluminum alloys
  2. Magnesium alloys
  3. Copper alloys
  4. Steels
  5. Stainless steels
  6. High-temperature alloys
  7. Titanium alloys
  8. Cast irons
  9. Thermoplastics
  10. Thermosets