Electrical Machining(EDM)--Agie Charmilles Electrical Spark

Electric Discharge Machine (EDM), is a machine that uses electric discharges (sparks) to manufacture a workpiece. The basic idea of EDM is that material is removed from the workpiece by a series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes. The advantages of EDM include machining on very complex shapes and on very hard materials.

How does this machine work?

Two metal parts submerged in an insulating liquid are connected to a source of current which is switched on and off automatically depending on the parameters set on the controller. When the current is switched on, an electric tension is created between the two metal parts.

If the two parts are brought together to within a fraction of an inch, the electrical tension is discharged and a spark jumps across. Where it strikes, the metal is heated up so much that it melts.

Innumerable such sparks spray, one after the other (never simultaneously) and gradually shape the desired form in the piece of metal, according to the shape of the electrode. Several hundred thousand sparks must fly per second before erosion takes place.

Features of the new machine

Get CNC capability on a manual machine budget. 2D planetary and X-Y positioning with 2-axis DC servo control are

standard on the SP-1U to meet general job shop needs.

  • Easy to operate CNC Interface
  • Windows Operating System
  • Direct Import/export of erosion files, through; USB memory key, LAN network, 17” TFT touch screen
  • Machining of multiple cavities with the same electrode
  • On board EDM Technology
  • Outstanding cutting performance with choices for minimum electrode wear or maximum material removal.