Kevin Baron, Manager

(603) 646-3261

“It’s a privilege to share my life lessons in advancing Thayer School’s mission.”

The skills that make Kevin useful around the machine shop came from life experience in his dad’s machine shop, Harvard’s School of Extension, and MIT’s Lab for Manufacturing. His dad’s shop showed Kevin that machine shops can be laboratories for designing the means of production. Harvard showed him the power of a science education to understand the world, and MIT taught him that manufacturing disciplines are worthy of a person’s best efforts.

Pete Fontaine

(603) 646-3096

“Come in to the shop and learn the practical end of design/build. We have the best toys.”

Pete helps students do good design work, then teaches them to actually build that design. He aslo works with researchers to design and build experimental equipment.

Jason Downs

(603) 646-8798

“Always plan well and leave time to fix problems. Nothing ever goes as planned.”

Jason teaches students and helps keep them and their projects heading in the right direction.


Dan Denauw