Oxide Growth on Silicon

Oxide films are grown on silicon wafers to provide insulating layers in semiconductor devices. In this project, performed in the Thayer Microengineering Laboratory , oxide films will be grown on silicon by both wet and dry oxidation. The film thickness will be measured as a function of annealing time at a veriety of temperatures by both ellipsometry, and optionally using a profilometer and/or a scanning electron microscope. A good project will derive a relationship between oxide thickness, annealing time and annealing temperature.

Silicon wafers are processed using an RCA clean and oxidized in a diffusion furnace or a rapid thermal processor (RTP) in either flowing oxygen gas or water vapor. Oxide thickness is measured with a dual wavelength ellipsometer and/or by etching and using a stylus profilometer. Surfaces can also be examined with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).