Christopher G. Levey, Dartmouth College,

Director, Microengineering Laboratory, Thayer School of Engineering
Director, Instructional Laboratories, Thayer School of Engineering
Associate Professor of Engineering, Adjunct Professor of Physics
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My lab page: The Thayer MicroEngineering Lab Cleanroom
Thayer School of Engineering and Thayer Express (internal resources) websites.

How to find my office and lab
The Thayer Instructional Equipment page.
The Thayer Safety Page.
Environmental/Energy: Thayer Photovoltaic and Weather data and Thayer Printer Paper Use
The Upper Valley: Aerial View and pages for Dartmouth, Hanover, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
Dances I lead: Strafford Ball, English Country Dance in Norwich VT, Green Mountain Morris (teenage boy's morris)

Dartmouth Courses

Microfabrication, Physics, and Engineering WWW References

There are several weekly news bulletins of relevance to the physics community. Bob Park's What's New is a spicy editorial of relevant events in Washington; Phillip Schewe's Physics News Update (and PNU back issues) is a brief review of physics research announcements; the OSA publishes their own Washington Watch; the AIP's frequent FYI news releases summarize science policy developments in Washington affecting the physics and astronomy community; and for physics educators there is the biweekly Physics Educator's News: PEN which summarizes information on resources, national initiatives, outreach programs, grants, professional development opportunities, and publications related to physics and science education.

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Dartmouth photovoltaic system page.

Other WWW References

ValleyNet: A web server for the Upper Connecticut River Valley of NH and VT.
Exploratorium Exhibits
National Public Radio Audio: All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, Science Friday
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