Low Resolution Mask Making Procedure

The following are instructions for preparing low resolution (25 micron minimum feature on a 7 micron grid) masks using LEDIT to generate CIF and using psmask to convert that to postscript, which can be printed on film on a 4040dpi printer at http://www.pretech.com. minimum feature 9 microns on a, .635 micron grid 8"x10" for $40

UPDATE: We have also made masks with a minimum feature 9 microns on a, .635 micron grid 8"x10" for $40 (or on a .8 micron grid for $25). Need to convert files.

UPDATE (Sept 2008): Photoplot store is now closed. New source including 1/50 mil resloution: www.fineline-imaging.com.

photoplot FAQs and minimum feature sizes

Prepare file in LEDIT

If you plan lithography and etching, you probably want positive (on the film features from LEDIT will be dark on a clear field. Using positive photoresist, these features will be protected from etching.) If you plan to do liftoff, you probably want negative film (then features will be clear on a dark field, the field will lift off with the positive photoresist, leaving material at the features). The cost is presently about $12 for 8.5x11 inch. They will take a Dartmouth purchase order or cash (not a credit card).

  • Processing the film into a chrome mask is detailed in this document

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