Grabbing a GIF image from L-EDIT/UNIX

  1. Run L-Edit as usual and setup the display you want (including cross-sections).
  2. In an xterm window on your LOCAL machine, type
    xv &
  3. Move the resulting window so it is not entirely overlapping the L-Edit window (drag with the right mouse button).
  4. Bring your ledit window to the front (use the left mouse button in its title bar), then move the cursor over part of the xv window and type control-g (for "grab image").
  5. Now move the cursor back to the ledit window and press the center button (to capture the entire ledit window) or press and drag the left button (to capture a portion of the ledit window). A beep/double-beep indicates the capture.
  6. Return the cursor to the xv window and type control-s (hold down the control key and type s, for "save file"). A dialog box will come up. Make sure GIF and FUll Color are selected. Type a file name for your stored image. and return (or click OK).
  7. Other notes: