Deschutes Corporation is designing = FIB Systems=20 targeted to MEMS fabrication.
If you have a part that could = benefit from being=20 milled by an Ion Beam (Ga source) using a Focused Ion Beam system, FIB, = we can=20 perform this work for you. The beam can be adjusted from approximately = 15 nm to=20 500 nm beam diameter (spot size) and the beam current can be adjusted in = a wide=20 range. The beam sputter material. In addition we can deposit material = very=20 accurately (Tungsten, Platinum, etc) both conductive and insulator = material. We=20 can mill out bridges, tips using a pattern generator to which you can = download=20 any pattern to control the beam.
We are right now looking for samples = to use in a=20 demo project, it could be an AFM tip, thin film head for hard drives, a = sensor,=20 an entire micro optic bench, lenses, mirrors or lasers, only your = imagination=20 sets the limits!
Please let me or the CC email = address above know=20 if you are interested in taking advantage of this limited = offer.
Steve Rosenberg
Deschutes = Corporation