VWR 4-Channel Quad Econo Timer

Count Down:

1. Press T1 to select timer 1.
2. Press HR, MIN and SEC to set the desired count down time (hold to increase).
3. Press START/STOP/MEMORY to start timer 1's count down.
4. Press again to pause.
5. Press the button once more to resume count down.
6. The timer will sound when display value reaches 0:00 and will begin counting up for elapsed time.
7. Press START/STOP/MEMORY to stop timer 1
8. Press again to recall the memorized preset value
9. Press [CLEAR] to dear all values.
10. Press T2/ T3 or T4 to select the desired timer.
11. Repeat step 2 to 9 to set and run the selected timer.
Press and hold CLOCK, Press HR, MIN, SEC to set time, press CLOCK to finish. 12/24hr button on back of unit.

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