micropHep 3 pH meter


Condition before use in storage solution or tap water fora few minutes to moisten and activate the pH electrode and to rinse of any white crystals.


Periodic calibration is recommended, especially when the unit is used in acidic or alkaline solutions or is used often or when the batteries are changed.

Simple Maintenance:

Rinse the electrode with tap water after use. To prolong the life of the electrode, place a small and clean sponge or tissu3e in the bottom of the cap, wet it with storage solution, pH 7, pH 4, or in the absence of these, tap water, and replace the cap. DO NOT USED DISTILLED (DEIONIZED) WATER FOR STORAG.

Changing the batteries:

If the batteries are lo, the unit will display the warning symbol "Eb". Unscrew the four small screws on the back, remove cover, replace all 4 batteries, and recalibrate.

Error Messages

Note: Strong fields may interfere with the microprocessor. If the display remains fixed, remove one of the batteries, wait 2 seconds, replace it and recalibrate.

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