Instructions for E-Beam System


      How to pump down the E-beam evaporation system


1.     Make sure that the Cryo pump is ready to pump down the system (for the operation of cryo pump, check its menu)

2.     Check the vacuum system and make sure that all setups are ready, especially check if crystal sensors or thermal couple is working before pump down. DON�T put stuff which might contain gas or water into the chamber, they will delay the pumping down time and hurt the cryo pump.

3.     Go to the back room and turn on the mechanic pump that is also the power switch of E-beam source.

4.     Close the lid firmly and switch on the �Rough� valve, if you hear any noise of leakage along the interface of the lid, put it firmly.

5.     Set to TC-2 to see the vacuum of the chamber.

6.     Wait for 5-10 mins to get 10e-3 torr, and then switch off the �Rough� valve.

7.     Go to the back room and turn off the power switch of the mechanic pump.

8.     Vent the mechanic pump (Be careful, it�s the vent switch on the downside)

9.     Make sure the reading of TC-2 is stable,

10.   Switch the �High Vac� valve on.

11.   Usually, it will take 20 hrs to get 1e-6 torr.

12.   Only when the vacuum is below 1e-3 torr, you can light on IG to see the pressure (start from the 1e-4 range).

13.   To degas the IG, turn off the IG first and degas for 1-3 minutes.


*Usually leave the �load lock� valve on, since the divider in the co-evaporation obstacle the path of the load lock. Also, in case of losing power in the building, all the valves will close by themselves. It�s better to remove the divider after finishing.


      How to pump up the chamber


1.     Switch off the �High Vac� valve.

2.     Vent the chamber (the switch is on the back of chamber)

3.     Wait about 10 mins until no noise from the vent, then open the lid and do your work.

4.     After finishing, it�s better to keep the system in vacuum.

5.     Close the lid and close all the vents

6.     Switch on the mechanic pump and turn on the �Rough� valve.

7.     Rough the chamber to 10e-2 torr is enough.

8.     Turn off the �Rough� valve, switch off and vent the mechanic pump.

More extensive information (some of which is out of date) is available in the previous manual for this evaporator here