Dartmouth College: Engineering Sciences 65

ENGS 65: Science and Technology of Micro-Machines

Alternate years. 95W: 10A; Laboratory

The science and technology of micro-structure design and fabrication are introduced and explored in detail. Lectures and homework assignments will emphasize physical and chemical phenomena related to micro-fabrication. Laboratories during the first half of the course will reinforce lectures by emphasizing the basics of micro-fabrication technology, such as thin film growth and deposition, photolithography, wet and dry (plasma) chemical etching, and materials characterization and evaluation. These initial lab exercises will use the facilities of the solid state microfabrication laboratory at Thayer School. In the latter half of the course, a group design project is required in which students will design their own micro-machines using available CAD tools. Designs will subsequently be sent to the Microelectronics Center of North Carolina (MCNC) foundry service for fabrication. Upon return from MCNC, students will test and evaluate their designs; grades will not be reported until this task is completed.

Prerequisite: ENGS 22 and 63. Students majoring in other physical sciences may take this course with permission of the instructor.

Instructor: Professor Albert K. Henning

Lab Instructor: Dr. Christopher G. Levey

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Albert K. Henning
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