WEEK 8: MOSFETMeasurements (Nov 28, 1995)

A. Electrial Test Procedure
    1. MOSFET -> IV, CV Curves
      a. Used micromanipulator to put probes on wafer
        Micromanipulator, Co Model-6000 A0, Serial # 71052
        1120 Industrial
        Escondido, CA
      b. Used HP 4140B pA/meter/DC Volt Source to make IV Curves
        Computer controlled (HP Unix Workstation)
        Placed -10 to +10 VDC between gate, source
        Put drain,source in series with fixed voltage source and current meter
      c. Used HP 4284A 20Hz- 1 MHz Precision LCR Meter to make CV Curves
        Computer controlled (HP Unix Workstation)
        Measured capacitance across gate and source while applying voltage
2. Aluminum Wire - 4 point measurement
    a. Use 2 pt, 4 pt measuring device to measure resistance
    b. Apply current to two distal leads, measure voltage across inner leads

B Electron Microscope Test
    1. Used E-M in Remsen (Prof. Daghlian)
    2. Looked at wafers #B, #E
    3. Looked at alignment marks straight down
    4. Looked at gate-metal contacts at 3/4 view angle