Week #3: Gate Oxide & Polysilicon Definition (Oct 17, 1995)

A. Examine Etched Wafers Under Optical Microscope
1) Near small alignment holes, some discolorization (wafers 2,6)
2) Rounded off alignment marks (wafer #4)
3) Wednesday Group's Wafers were clearer in general

B. Remove Photoresist Mask #1
1) Immerse wafers in 800 ml of ACT at room temp, 3 minutes
2) Gently rinse with DI
3) Dry wafers with nitrogen gas

C. Grow 0.05 micron SiO2 Gate Oxide
1) DRY Oxidation Furnace (Thermco Ana-Lock Controllers)

a) Flushed Furnace 0.628 ft^3 inner furnace w/ O2 gas at 8 scfh for 10 minutes
b) Heat 1 hour at 970 C, 2 scfh gas flow (1/3 hr warmup, 1 hour cool down)

2) FLOOPS Simulation Graph of this process: FLOOPS Simulation Source Code

D. Wednesday Group Work (NEED TO ADD)