Week #1: Wafer Clean and Oxidation (Oct 3, 1995)

A. Starting Materials
1) Tuesday Group: EIGHT Silicon, Boron Doped Wafers
2) Wednesday Group: EIGHT Silicon, Boron Doped Wafers

B. RCA Cleaning Process - Remove Surface Contaminants
1) Series of six baths (RCA Clean)
2) Nitrogen Gas Spray Drying

C. Oxidation Process - grow ~1 micron SiO2 layer on base
1) Wet Oxidation Furnace (Thermco Ana-Lock Controllers)
2) Cool Wafers at 400C overnight

D. Measure Oxide Thickness
1) Optical Ellipsometer (Gaertner Scientific Corp)

Oxide Thickness Table #1

Wafer # Center Right Left Top
7 9879A, 9988A 9880A/9986A 9879A/10025A 9828A/9966A

Note: thicknesses are given in pairs, one for each wavelength Right Left Top