ENGS 135 Winter 2014 Outline Schedule (1/3/14 draft)

Week      Class time discussion / presentation            Text reference              HW due        Lab or Industry Tour

Jan 6        Intro, materials review, gas kinetics, pumps     Fra  1, Ohrg 1(review)-2.3                  -        -

CASE 1:  Optical filter

Jan 13     Vacuum pumps, gauges, RGA, PVD: evap�n       Ohrg  2, 3, Fra 5.1-5.2   #1                  evaporator

Jan 20     PVD: PLD, Structure Zone Diagrams(SZD)        Ohrg  3, 7, 4                    #2                  sputtering system

Jan 27     PVD: Sputtering (& SZD), optical films               Ohrg  4, 5, 9, Fra 6         #3                  TOUR: Optics Filter Fab (Chroma)

Feb 3       Epitaxy, characterization, oxide growth             Ohrg  8, Fra 2, 12, 13    paper 1         wafer prep, oxide growth

CASE 2: MEMS motor

Feb 10     Thin Film presentations, Photolithography         Fra 8, 9, 10, 11               #4                  litho, ellipsometry, profilometry

Feb 17     Surface MEMS, LPCVD, project brainstorm       Fra 5, 29,                         #5                  characterization (EM/AFM/XAM)

CASE 2: Diaphragm pressure sensor

CASE 3:  MOS transistor

Feb 24     Bulk MEMS, doping                                              Fra 4, 20, 14, 15             #6                  CAD lab / project

Feb 27     Project design review, Microelectronics             Fra 26, 27, 28                 paper 2         work on project

Mar 3      μFab presentations, conclusions                                                                   #7                  TOUR: μelectronics/MEMS Fab

Mar 10    Final Exam Week -  no exam for this course but final project is due March 14 (last day of exams)

KEY/NOTES:  Case studies organize and motivate detailed study of thin film and μfab processes.  Text Reference = reading: not all of every chapter indicated is assigned.  Ohrg=Milton Ohring text, Fra=Sami Franssila text; we will cover half of each book, with some material overlapping:  Ohring chapters 1-5, 8, 9 and Franssila chapters 1-2, 4-5, 8-15, 20, 26-29.  HW=homework, due mid-week, Presentations = student presentations on related material of your interest.  Two presentations (and associated papers): one on thin films and one on microfabrication.  Project is usually a MEMS design project (process flow definition, layout, design rule check, ready for �tape out� - mask making and fab), but optionally could be a lab project.  Tour involves a road trip to an industrial fabrication facility -  the first will be a half-day trip (Chroma Technology in Rockingham VT where sophisticated thin film optical filters are made), the second will take the better part of a day (probably Analog Devices in Wilmington MA, a MEMS and microelectronics fab, or possibly IBM in Essex Jcn VT if you prefer).