Master of Engineering Management Council

The Master of Engineering Management Council (MEMC) is a group of students who work closely with the administration of Thayer School and the M.E.M. program to enact initiatives, plan events, and facilitate program development. The MEMC strives to be instrumental in utilizing the diversity of the students to achieve the collaborative learning environment that makes the program a success.

The MEMC focuses on addressing the professional, academic, and social needs of current and future M.E.M. students, as well as graduates of the program. Organizing trips to career fairs in the Northeast, hosting professional development workshops, and communicating with companies seeking to recruit M.E.M. students are a few ways in which the MEMC aids students professionally. The MEMC addresses students' needs academically by facilitating communication between students and faculty regarding any curriculum issues and consistently improving the program. Social events such as bowling nights, potluck dinners, movie nights, and ski days have been highly effective in fostering M.E.M. spirit and bringing students together in a non-academic setting.

The MEMC has recently founded three clubs that promote the interests of an industry that is aligned with popular M.E.M. student career goals: operations, consulting, and finance. These clubs provide opportunities for students to stay up to date with industry developments and gain the knowledge and skills that are necessary to embark on a successful career in each industry. In the coming year, these clubs will arrange activities such as bringing in guest speakers, holding mock interviews, and organizing networking trips.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact the MEMC to learn more about the M.E.M. program from a current student perspective. All questions are welcome, whether they are about academics or life in Hanover, NH. Send your emails to