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Quick Takes on Life at Thayer

Engineering Students Build Prototype for $300 House Project in Haiti

July 2013

Students in Professor Vicki May’s “Structural Analysis” class designed and built components for a prototype that could influence the $300 House Project designs for some of the neediest families in Haiti.

The Big Green Bus Goes Biodiesel

June 2013

One dozen students, half of them studying or planning to study engineering, will once again leave on June 13 in what they call The Big Green Bus, fueled up for the first time by pure biodiesel.

MEM Students Create Vending Machine for Engineering Supplies

May 2013

“The idea never really went anywhere until I asked the MEM group to find a way to keep supplies on hand for student use,” said Machine Shop Manager Kevin Baron.

Dartmouth Engineering Majors Build Smartphone App for Early Disease Detection

April 2013

Four Dartmouth engineering undergraduates came up with a handy smartphone application and sweat collection device called DiagnosMe that allows for early disease detection.

PhD Innovation Program Student Designs Device to Prevent Hospital Infections

March 2013

PhD Innovation Program candidate Steve Reinitz ‘09 Th'09 has created an Inline Intravenous Fluid Sterilizer designed to prevent certain types of hospital acquired infections.

Surgical Probe Uses Fluorescence to Guide Brain Tumor Removal

February 2013

A team from Thayer School of Engineering and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is among the first to harness fluorescence to prevent tissue damage during brain surgery.

M.E.M. Graduate Enters the Fashion World

January 2013

Andrea Marron MEM'12 is making over the digital strategy of a well-known fashion label and in doing so, the image of the average M.E.M. graduate.

Recharging New York by CampStove

December 2012

BioLite's CampStove, invented by Dartmouth engineer and avid camper Jonathan Cedar '03 and Alexander Drummond, converts heat from a camp fire into electricity. BioLite's humanitarian response to Sandy had those without power flocking from all over Manhattan to sip a cup of coffee while they charged their phone.

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