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Opening the Engineering Door

Fall 2005

New Thayer School Dean Joseph Helble on why the future depends on engineers.

Power Plants

Fall 2005

In the drive for alternative fuels, Professors Lee Lynd and Charles Wyman explain the growing role of ethanol.

From Idea to Invoice

Spring 2005

As entrepreneurship grows at Thayer School, innovators encounter pains as well as gains.

Minding Their Business

Spring 2005

Professors Venture into New Markets

Biology Off the Shelf

Spring 2005

Drew Endy Th'98 is constructing a tool kit for engineering living systems.

Who Was Sylvanus Thayer?

Fall 2004

He was more than the man who gave engineering to America. From West Point to Thayer School, he was my hero.

The Art of Engineers

Fall 2004

A gallery of students' creations erases the line between analytical and artistic expression.

Building Green

Fall 2004

Sustainable design expert Malcolm Lewis Th’71 works to remake how the world builds.

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