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Undergrads in the Lab

Spring 2015

From ice core collection to infectious disease detection, even freshmen work in Thayer research labs.

Tray Bien

Fall 2014

An enterprising student team brings an introductory class project to market.

Schools of Thought

Spring 2014

Dual-degree students call two institutions home.

Engineering Entrepreneurs

Fall 2013

Thayer’s five-year-old Ph.D. Innovation Program prepares students for an enterprising future.

Re-engineering the Machine Shop

Winter 2013

New spaces and equipment remove barriers to inventiveness.

Power Players

Summer 2012

Professors Charles Sullivan and Jason Stauth are brightening the future of solar energy.

Cool Companies

Winter 2012

Recent grads bring nerve and verve to their startup ventures.

Humanitarian Engineering

Summer 2011

Working overseas, students encounter the technological and human sides of meeting people’s needs.

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Winter 2011

A professorial pick of outstanding ENGS 21 projects

Club Scene

Summer 2010

When students just can’t get enough engineering, a variety of clubs keeps them busy.

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