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Collaboration by Design

Winter 2016

ENGS 89/90, Thayer’s capstone Bachelor of Engineering project sequence, gives students a final team-based, real-world professional experience in engineering analysis, design, and development. The following projects are a few of our faves.

Our Place

Spring 2015

Nearly half of Dartmouth engineering majors are women. Here's why.

Hacking the Hackers

Fall 2014

Deciphering patterns in digital behaviors, Professor George Cybenko separates the good from the bad.

Growth Factors

Spring 2014

With engineering on the rise at Dartmouth, Dean Joseph J. Helble outlines opportunities for an expanded Thayer community.

The Power of Small Cures

Fall 2013

Thayer researchers help turn nanoparticles and heat into a treatment for cancer.

Creative Connections

Winter 2013

Students find intersections between the arts and engineering.

The Engineering Pipeline

Summer 2012

It's not only Dartmouth students who receive a Thayer-inspired education. Alumni who teach at universities throughout the country bring their Thayer experiences into their own classrooms and labs. We asked eight alumni in academe about their research, Thayer influences, and how to encourage more people to become engineers.

Cold Truths

Winter 2012

From the microstructure of snow to the massiveness of ice sheets, from fundamental science to practical applications, from Thayer's ice lab to the earth's polar regions, Thayer researchers are uncovering what snow and ice reveal about the world.

Major Mergers

Summer 2011

For modified majors, engineering is just the beginning.

The Start-Up Star

Winter 2011

Venture capitalist Terry McGuire Th’82 has the connections and vision that have helped build more than 25 successful new companies. No wonder so many entrepreneurs wouldn’t dream of launching a business without him.

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