Lynd Research Lab: Sustainable Bioenergy Futures

Professor Lynd and members of the Lynd group are active in envisioning sustainable bioenergy futures and paths to their realization. This activity encompasses aspects of feedstock supply, land use and intensification, environmental quality, and economic development.

Ten most recent papers:

  • Lynd, L. R. 2017. The grand challenge of cellulosic biofuels. Nature Biotechnology, 35(10), 912–915.

  • Souza, G. M., M. V. R. Ballester, C. H. de Brito Cruz, H. Chum, B. Dale, V. H. Dale, … L. Van der Wielen. 2017. The role of bioenergy in a climate-changing world. Environmental Development, 23(October 2016), 57–64.

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Additional papers:

  • Laser, M., L.R. Lynd. 2014. Comparative efficiency and driving range of light- and heavy- duty vehicles powered with biomass energy stored in liquid fuels or batteries. PNAS. 111(9):3360-3364. (Abstract)
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