Lynd Research Lab: Information For Prospective Students

Our organization and strategic approach provide opportunities for students and other members to gain exposure, and potentially make contributions, at several levels that are unusual to find in one research group. These include advancement of fundamental scientific understanding in selected areas, research-driven innovation, design and evaluation of energy conversion processes, and analysis of "big picture" issues associated with the sustainable resource transition and the role of biomass in this context.

Students may work toward graduate degrees in the Lynd group in engineering and biology. Information on graduate programs, degree requirements, and admissions may be found at the web sites of Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering and the Molecular and Cell Biology Program. Prospective students are encouraged to contact Professor Lynd to evaluate the extent to which their interests and professional development could be served by working toward a graduate degree with thesis work as a member of the Lynd group. Students with undergraduate preparation in the sciences who wish to pursue graduate work in engineering are encouraged to inquire and may note that this path was taken by several current and former group members, including Professor Lynd.

Scholarship opportunities

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