Lynd Research Lab

Lynd Lab News

The research lab at Dartmouth led by Professor Lee Lynd is active in research on the following topics:

We approach these topics from a diversity of academic disciplines with molecular biology, microbiology, chemical/biochemical engineering providing the foundation for the first three. Consistent with the "Pasteur's Quadrant" model articulated by Donald Stokes (Brookings Institution Press, Washington, DC, 1997), we see advancing applied capability and increased fundamental understanding as having strong potential to be convergent and mutually-reinforcing, and we aspire to work in this mode.

A central theme of the Lynd group is processing cellulosic biomass in a single step without added enzymes. Such "consolidated bioprocessing" (CBP) is a potential breakthrough, and "is widely considered to be the ultimate low-cost configuration for cellulose hydrolysis and fermentation" (joint DOE/USDA Roadmap, 2007). We are focused on production of ethanol, a promising renewable fuel. The CBP strategy is however potentially applicable to a very broad range of fuels and chemicals.

Dr. Lynd is assisted in running the lab by management team members Research Scientist Dr. Dan Olson (Metabolic Engineering), Research Scientist Dr. Evert Holwerda (Microbial Cellulose Utilization), Research Professor Dr. Xiongjun Shao (Innovative Biomass Processing Technologies), and Research Scientist Dr. Mark Laser (Bioenergy Intensive Futures). The Lynd group (see group members) includes post doctoral associates, graduate students, technicians, undergraduates, and, from time to time, visiting scientists. Our activities are enhanced by close collaborations with a network of colleagues around the world and the DOE Bioenergy Science Center.