Ice Research Lab: Graduate Students


Name Degree Year Thesis Topic Advisor
Stephen Nodder M.Sc. Present Effect of Healing on the Strength of Fractured Ice Schulson

Hammonds, Kevin

Ph.D. Present Creep of Polycrystalline Doped Ice Baker

Whelsky, Amber

Ph.D. Present The Record of Climate Change in Firn Albert
Alden Adolph Ph.D. Present Snow and Climate Albert
Ross Lieb-Lappan Ph.D. Present Brine Networks in Sea Ice Obbard

Kaitlin Keegan

Ph.D. Present Studies of the NEEM, Greenland Firn Core Baker, Albert
Xuan Wang Ph.D. 2015 Metamorphism of Dry Snow Baker
Scott Snyder Ph.D. 2015 Damaged Ice Schulson
Stephanie Gregory M.S. 2013 Firn Physical Properties Impact on Gas Trapping at Wais Divide and Megadunes Albert, Baker
Si Chen Ph.D. 2011 Dry Snow Metamorphism Baker
Narayana Golding Ph.D. 2011 Plastic Faulting in Ice Schulson, Renshaw
Rachel Lomonaco M.S. 2009 Studies of Ice and Firn Cores Baker
Katherine E. Sieg M.S. 2008 Examination of the Fine-grained Region of the Siple Dome Ice Core Baker
Andrew Fortt Ph.D. 2006 Coulombic Sliding in Ice Schulson
Rachel Obbard Ph.D. 2006 Microstructural Determinants in Glacial Ice Baker
Min Song Ph.D. 2005 Effects of Particles on Anelasticity, Creep and Microstructural Evolution of Granular Ice Baker
Bradley Smith M.S. 2005 The Compressive Failure of Ice Via Along-Column Grain Boundary Sliding Schulson
Katy Taylor M.S. 2005 Faulting Under High Confinement Renshaw, Schulson
Xiang Li M.S. 2002 The Effect of Sulfuric Acid on the Mechanical Properties of Ice Single Crystals Baker
Daniel Cullen Ph.D. 2002 The Microstructural Location of Impurities in Ice Cores Baker
Erik Russell M.S. 2002 Frictional Sliding Across Coulombic Shear Faults Schulson
Daniel Iliescu Ph.D. 2001 The Flow and Fracture of Cracked Ice Schulson
Jeffrey Melton Ph.D 2000 The Deformation of Columnar Saline Ice Under Triaxial Compression Schulson
Ying L. Trickett M.S. 1999 The Mechanical Properties of Ice Single Crystals Baker
Xiaohong Hu Ph.D. 1998 X-ray Topography of Freshwater Ice Baker
Eric Gratz Ph.D. 1997 The Brittle Compressive Failure Surface of Ice Schulson
Suogen Qi M.S. 1997 Ductile-to-Brittle Transition in Ice: Effect of Temperature Schulson
Yuhong Wu M.S. 1997 Shear Processing of Nanocrystals Baker
Michael E. Manley M.S. 1996 Deformation of S1 and S2 Ice Schulson
K. Jia M.S. 1995 X-ray Topography of Dislocation/Grain Boundary Interactions in Ice Baker
Stephanie E. Buck M.S. 1994 Failure Envelopes and the Ductile to Brittle Transition in Fresh-Water S2 Columnar Ice Under Biaxial Compressive Loading Schulson
Oleg Y. Nickolayev M.S. 1994 Failure Envelopes and the Ductile to Brittle Transition in Columnar Saline Ice Under Biaxial Compression Schulson
Gary A. Kuehn M.S. 1993 The Mechanical Properties of Saline Ice Schulson
F. Liu Ph.D. 1993 X-ray Topography of Polycrystalline Ice Baker
Rachel A. Batto M.S. 1992 An Investigation of the Ductile-Brittle Transition in Columnar S2 Ice Under Compression Schulson
Johan A. Grape M.S. 1991 The Effect of Confining Stress on the Brittle Compressive Indentation Fracture of Ice Schulson
Timothy R. Smith Ph.D. 1991 The Effect of Stress State on the Brittle Compressive L12 Fracture of Columnar Ice Schulson
Susan R. Shoemaker M.S. 1990 Freshwater Columnar Ice: Growth Structure and Mechanical Properties Schulson
Douglas A. Fifolt M.S. 1990 An Investigation into the Electromagnetic Emissions from Cracks In Ice: Development of a Signal Detection System and Preliminary Testing Schulson
Douglas Jones M.S. 1989 Ice Friction: Effects of Temperature, Sliding Velocity and Ice Type Schulson
Gregory J. Lasonde M.S. 1988 The Effects of End Constraint on the Strength and Fracture Mode of Polycrystalline Ice in Compression Schulson
Mark C. Gies M.S. 1988 The Development of Brush-Type Platens for Loading Ice Specimens in Compression Schulson
Rebecca N. Haerle M.S. 1986 The Effect of Stress State History on the Compressive Strength of Polycrystalline Ice Schulson
Steven G. Hoxie M.S. 1986 The Effect of Pre-Existing Cracks on the Tensile Strength of Polycrystalline Ice Schulson
Neil P. Cannon M.S. 1985 The Influence of Grain Size on Compressive Strength of Polycrystalline Ice Schulson
David Cole M.S. 1985 Microstructuring on Ice Under Compression Schulson
James L. Laughlin M.S. 1985 The Effect of a Bimodal Grain Size Distribution on the Compressive Strength of Polycrystalline Ice Schulson
Russell W. Lee M.S. 1985 The Effect of Grain Size on the Tensile Strength of Ice at Two Strain-Rates Schulson
Pooi N. Lim M.S. 1983 The Effects of Temperature and Grain Size on the Tensile Strength of Ice Schulson
John Currier M.S. 1981 The Tensile Strength of Fresh-Water, Granular Ice: Grain Size Effect Schulson