Ice Research Lab: Facilities


Special facilities exist for studying the structure and properties of ice. These include:

  • 8 cold-rooms for growing and characterizing ice
  • uniaxial servo-hydraulic MTS testing machine (450 kN) supported by computer-based data acquisition
  • true multiaxial testing system capable of providing loads of 1 MN along 3-mutually perpendicular directions, also supported by computer-based data acquisition
  • in-pond servohydraulic compression frame (4 MN)
  • high-speed (10,000 frames/sec) camera
  • environmental scanning electron microscope with cold-stage, straining stage and electron back-scattered diffraction
  • scanning force microscope and scanning/tunneling microscope
  • x-ray diffractometer
  • Micro CT Xray tomograph
  • transmission electron microscope
  • ice friction devices
  • Rigsby stage
  • machine shop in cold-room