Dartmouth Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence

DCCNE Education and Training

The Dartmouth Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence Education/Training Program complements the research effort by developing a graduate experience that links together nanotechnology and engineering with cancer biology and immunology. The Education and Training Program allows graduate students from both Thayer School of Engineering and The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth to take a variety of classes from either school (i.e., fundamental scientific bases of materials, imaging systems, therapy technologies, etc.) allowing expansion of their education to this cross-disciplinary research application.

The program sets quantifiable goals among students, post-docs, and established investigators and monitors achievement of these goals by standard metrics such as publications and conference and seminar attendance. The key emphasis is to develop strategic partnerships formed from multidisciplinary teams with complementary expertise sets and then to match the learning goals of the participants to their individual training programs. This is possible because cancer nanotechnology research at Dartmouth occurs in graduate programs that are already delocalized from departments, evident at Thayer School of Engineering and at the Geisel School of Medicine.

Education and Training at the DCCNE
The 4 major Dartmouth components that interface with the DCCNE (left). The 6 core scientific educational areas for Ph.D. students (right); they are physically located in either Thayer School of Engineering or The Geisel School of Medicine.

Internal efforts to broaden the experiences of trainees include:

  • Funding for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to attend national and international conferences and seminars
  • Funding research internships to expose undergraduate students to translational research
  • Dissemination of information regarding funding programs, seminars, symposia, and training opportunities relevant to the DCCNE trainees
  • Seminars featuring speakers from other institutions, including other CCNEs and nanotechnology research hubs
  • An annual half-day forum at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center to engage invited presentations in clinical translational research in nanotechnology
  • An annual symposium held at Thayer School of Engineering to bring together experts in cancer nanotechnology, imaging, and therapy technologies

Outreach efforts include:

  • Seminars and symposia to disseminate DCCNE research in the wider scientific community
  • Organization and participation in national and regional conferences
  • Weekly seminars at Dartmouth focused on cancer nanotechnology