Dartmouth Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence

DCCNE's Vision for Commercialization

The Dartmouth Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence will establish the Office of Translational Research and Commercialization (OTRC) to identify commercial opportunities specific to the research conducted within the DCCNE. Dr. Tillman Gerngross, director of the OTRC, will coordinate access to resources available through other Dartmouth entities and provide the interface with strategic outside alumni and other industry entities.

Commercialization may involve partnering certain programs with established pharmaceutical companies or launching new start-up companies that secure financing from private equity investors.

The OTRC aligns research goals within the DCCNE with respect to commercialization; interacts with outside institutions, non-academic partners, and commercial entities to generate collaborations and focused development plans; and provides support for translational activity.

The OTRC serves as a resource for developing plans to:

  • Create preclinical validation
  • Generate preclinical assets that can either be partnered or transferred to a new start-up
  • Assemble management teams to launch new companies based on DCCNE-derived innovations
  • Continue to introduce potential partners to the research taking place within the DCCNE, especially in terms of creating a liaison to the venture community and making them aware of existing opportunities within the DCCNE
  • Identify and assess external partners that might accelerate the commercialization of DCCNE technologies

The OTRC serves as a single point of entry for cancer nanotechnology innovators and outside commercial parties that will guide the innovator through the extensive available institutional resources at Dartmouth.