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DARTSAT is a Student Initiated,
Student Developed,
Faculty Mentored

program of space satellite design at the
Thayer School of Engineering
aDartmouth College

The program applies the Thayer School's interdisciplinary philosophy of engineering education to developing viable space systems and an in-house knowledge of space design and the space environment. DARTSAT's first project is the development of a modular Low Earth Orbit Satellite of a mass of less than 1 kg. The system will provide basic power, control, and communications capability to small, single purpose experiments. DARTSAT is intended to be produced in large numbers, allowing for modular experimental packages to be "snapped-in" when researchers are presented with suitable launch opportunities. Its small size and independent communications capability will also allow for the development of distributed satellite arrays.

DARTSAT Generation I

is the first satellite of the series. Its purpose is to test custom on-board communications transceivers and the communications capability that is critical to the success of a satellite of this size. It will return satellite internal and environmental data to be used in the development of future generations of the satellite. In addition, DARTSAT Gen I will server as an orbiting repeater station usable by an active amateur radio community.

DARTSAT Generation II

upgrades the control and power management capabilities of DARSAT
Generation I and will perform the first scientific experiments of the
program to test the modular payload architecture.