Required Reports and Presentations For ENGG 390

An important part of the ENGG 390 experience is reporting orally and in writing on your work. This document describes the oral presentations and written reports you will be required to make. The class has a schedule for delivering Proposals and Final Presentations. Final Presentations are made before a review board of professors and industry professionals.

Example Schedule

  • Pre-proposal in the term prior to internship/project.
  • Full Proposal after 1-2 weeks of the internship.
  • Two Progress Reports during the internship, emailed to the instructors.
  • Electronic copy of the Final Report, Project Abstract, and Project Executive Summary emailed to M.E.M. Associate Director approximately 2 weeks before fall term.
  • At least one practice presentation shortly before the Final Presentation.
  • Final Presentation and Hard Copy Final Report delivered at the beginning of the term following the internship.


What? The student must meet with one of the instructors to discuss their internship/project and provide a one-page description of their internship/project.

When? During the term before the project/internship is undertaken

Going forward? Approval by the course instructor is required


What? A 1-5 page written report. The substance of the proposal includes:

  • a definition of the problem to be addressed
  • a description of the approach to be taken
  • a timeline of activities including dates for progress report
  • a statement of expected results
  • sources of data
  • primary research
  • measures of success

and any other information that can help assess the viability of the project.

When? One to two weeks after beginning your internship. The Proposal should be emailed directly to the course instructor.

Assessment? Graded by the course instructor

1st and 2nd Progress Reports

What? Written reports submitted/emailed to the instructor. Typically two progress reports are made during the course of the work. If there are difficulties, uncertainties or great successes, either anticipated or encountered, it may be advisable to schedule additional progress reports.

The first progress report usually contains a reassessment of the problem and the approach described in the Proposal in the light of experience. It should establish that the work is on track, the objectives are clear, and that there is reasonable expectation of success. Any difficulties, limitations, or changes in scope should be identified at this stage.

By the second progress report, enough results should have been achieved to anticipate the end of the project with some confidence. You should be able to describe what needs to be done to finish the work.

When? On dates specified in your project timeline.

Grading? LP (Low Pass), P (Pass), HP (High Pass)

Electronic Final Report, Abstract, Executive Summary

What? The written report should be a high-quality professional report that will impress the sponsor, the advisor, and the course instructor(s). It should clearly describe how the results meet the objectives that were defined at the start of the work. You must also submit to the Registrar an electronic copy of your abstract and a project form.

When? All three documents should have been submitted by email to the M.E.M. Associate Director approximately one week prior to the beginning of the classes (see Important Dates). The course instructor and your faculty advisor should also receive a copy of the Electronic Final Report at this time.

Hard Copy Final Report and Oral Presentation

What? You will need to produce five hard copies of your Final Report. Three will be handed in to the M.E.M. Program Associate Director (M.E.M. Program Copy, Course Instructor, Thayer Registrar) and two you are responsible for getting to your faculty advisor and corporate sponsor.

The Oral Presentation is a 30-minute presentation in front of a review board comprised of faculty and industry experts. Following the presentation there will be a 20-minute Q&A section. The sponsor should be invited to attend the oral presentation and comment on how well the results meet his/her needs.

When? The hardcopies are typically due the first day of classes following the term in which you completed the internship. Oral presentations are typically scheduled during the first two weeks of school following the term in which you completed your internship.

How will I be evaluated?

The instructors will take into account the evaluations of the review board members and your faculty advisor when giving a grade. The instructors will additionally consider written feedback provided by your sponsor.

Sponsor Evaluation

At the conclusion of the project, the student should ask their sponsor to send a written evaluation of their work to one of the instructors. The sponsor can fill out the sponsor evaluation form (PDF) and/or send a free-form evaluation in the form of a letter.