ES105 - Winter 2014
Problem Set 7
Due: Tuesday, March 11th by individual meeting times DO ONLY PROBLEMS 1 and 2
Read: Text, Chapter 14

Note: The recommended LAPACK routines for repetitive banded matrix solution via LU factorization are

Note: All (x,y) units in this problem are stated in the units of the .nod file.

Find the Sources

Given the standard solution to problem 44a (from the last assignment). This is ``TRUTH''. Measurements of voltage are available at the following 12 locations: These data are available with perfect precision. There is no other data. You want to reconstruct the full solution i.e. the voltage everywhere. Neither the boundary conditions along the bottom "ground plane", nor the location or strength of the sources, are known. The Neumann BC is thought to be perfectly insulated. Prior assumptions: Essentially, you want to find the source distribution and the ground voltage, and use that forcing to construct the voltage everywhere.