Winter Term 2014

Climate Change
Images courtesy of NSF

Course Description

As a freshman seminar, ENGS 7 is rich in reading, discussion and writing. The central theme of our discussion is climate change — what is it, how does it relate to the past, why is it happening, what are the implications for our energy needs, and how will climate change affect each of us? This course explores published evidence from the scientific literature to add insights to questions that we pose. We will learn how and where to look for reliable information, we will formulate questions, and we will conduct research based on readings from published literature. Students will engage in leading and participating in class and small group discussions, including peer review of draft papers. Each student will independently write several short papers and a research paper. As with all freshman seminars, enrollment is capped at 15 students.



Class Times

Tuesday, Thursday — 2:00-3:50pm
X-Hour: Wednesday — 4:15-5:05pm
Rett's room (MacLean 201) in the MacLean Engineering Sciences Center