Engs 110

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Engineering Sciences 110


Engs 110 is a senior-graduate introduction to digital signal processing. Digital signal processing (DSP) is one of the fundamental areas of modern electrical engineering, a major part of systems and applications as diverse as cellular telephones, HDTV, CD and MP3 players, geophysical exploration, radar, sonar, and medical imaging. This course intoduces the fundamental ideas and techniques of DSP, which are useful in all of these applications: Discrete-time signals and systems, deterministic and statistical signal models, Fourier and Z transforms. Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion. Design and practical implementation of digital filters, multirate signal processing. Discrete Fourier transform, FFT algorithm, and spectrum analysis. MATLAB is used extensively in all aspects of the course.

The prerequisites to Engs 110 are Engs 61 (Intermediate electrical circuits) and Engs 92 (Fourier transforms and complex variables), or permission of the instructor.

Offered: Spring term, in the 10 hour

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