Logo Variations

Communications to remote audiences and/or those unfamiliar with Thayer School should employ the complete (horizontal or vertical) logo. However, communications to audiences more familiar with the school can employ a simpler logo - for example, an alumni gathering. It is also appropriate to use an abbreviated logo in the context of a presentation being given by a Thayer School representative (staff, faculty, student, alumnus).

Contact Karen Endicott at karen.endicott@dartmouth.edu or at 646-3521 to get a copy of a particular logo.

Using the Abbreviated Logos

The abbreviated logos have a higher visual impact even at a smaller size. They also allow the school to present itself more informally - on a first-name basis - as appropriate.

Specifically, appropriate usage includes:

  • building banners and interior signage
  • handouts and postings to groups throughout campus
  • clothing and other "bookstore" items
  • invitations to Thayer School events
  • podiums and lecterns
Thayer School of Engineering Logo Thayer School Logo Thayer School Dartmouth Logo