Information and Resources for International Students

U.S. Employer Expectations
If Americans find job searching overwhelming and difficult here, then it can be even more so as an international student. To help you get off on the right foot, drop by our office to learn about the best resources, tools, and strategies to ensure that you are set up for success in the United States.

Visas and Sponsorship
Please refer to Dartmouth’s Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS) and the official website for the Department of Homeland Security for the most up to date information.

Employment While a Student
Thayer School students enrolled in ENGG290 or ENG390 are eligible to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) to meet coursework requirements.

Challenges and Misconceptions

Job Search Strategies
Look for the following:

Common Cultural Differences
The list below is a sample of the differences you may encounter throughout the interview process:


Common Questions