Networking is one of the best methods for conducting an internship or job search. Not only can networking help you access information about career fields, industries, and employers; it can also be an excellent source of job/internship leads. Information about internship opportunities is often spread by word-of-mouth. By talking with people and letting them know your interests, skills, and qualifications, you tie them into your network. It's like having a team of people out in the work world acting as your career consultants.

Contacts You Already Have

Contact the people on your list and let them know what you're looking for and how you're hoping they can help you. Remember that you are not asking your contacts for an internship or job! Rather, you are asking for guidance and suggestions that could help you in your search for a position. Be sure to let your contacts know the result of any suggestions you followed and thank them for their time.

Establishing New Contacts

Key Principles

Networking takes place in many forms, and can be both formal (e.g. career fairs, employer information sessions, pre-scheduled conversations with alums) and informal.

Networking Tips

(From Tuck Career Development Office "Networking: Making a Connection - February 21, 2007")


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