Career Trek to Silicon Valley and San Francisco

We are so excited for our 4th Annual Thayer School Career Trek to Silicon Valley and San Francisco! The Career Trek will consist of visits to eight organizations over a three day period.   The purpose of each site visit is three fold: 1) to hear about the technologies being developed, 2) learn about potential job and internship opportunities, and 3) interact with engineers (mostly Thayer alumni).  Participants will have opportunities to network with additional Dartmouth and Thayer alumni through evening programs.


December 8 - 10, 2014


Silicon Valley and San Francisco area. Schedule includes:

Amazon Lab 126
Bloom Energy
Motiv Power Systems 
Tesla Motors 


The focus of the Career Trek is to expose students to engineering roles in a variety of organizations, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, in a breadth of industries.  The Trek is open to all Thayer School students and undergraduate Engineering Sciences majors.  


Hotel rooms (double occupancy), meals, and transportation to site visits will be provided.

Your Costs:

Your flight to and from San Francisco, transportation between the airport and hotel, and a $200 registration fee.

Note: Limited financial assistance will be available based on need.  If you will require financial assistance in order to participate, please indicate this on your application (now closed)

See photos past treks here. Please contact Sarah Streit  or Jennifer St. Laurence with questions.

Quotes from past student participants:

This trek was my first real opportunity to talk to alumni in the field, see how they work, and hear about how they’ve taken what they learned at Thayer and applied it to their real life projects. The trek also gave me a taste of what it’s like to work in the Bay Area; it is not only a hub for so many exciting new technologies, but also the home of a very active and involved Dartmouth community. The alumni dinner was particularly empowering and inspiring. I went away from it with a much better idea of what I want to do and whom I could turn to for advice and guidance.

I appreciated that we visited some small, 20 person startups and were able to compare them to large, multinational and government organizations while seeing everything in between. The experience helped me see more clearly what careers I saw myself fitting into.

It (the trek) prompted me to consider those fields that are not part of my education and explore the opportunity to integrate a mechanical engineering project with biotech, for example.