Career Treks

To San Francisco and Silicon Valley

A big thank you to our students and employers who participated in the 4th Annual Thayer School Career Trek to Silicon Valley and San Francisco! We visited the following companies: 

Amazon Lab 126
Bloom Energy
Motiv Power Systems 
Tesla Motors 

See photos past treks here. Please contact Sarah Streit  or Jennifer St. Laurence with questions.

Quotes from past student participants:

This trip was absolutely amazing. I can't emphasis how great of a job you guys did organizing this whole trip and every company gave us a different perspective on company culture through a span of different types of engineering.

This was my favorite Dartmouth experience so far! Besides, I got to meet some friends that I'd never have the chance to meet.

If I had any doubts about working in the Bay Area before this trip, they are all gone now. I'd like nothing more than getting a job there. Thank you for selecting me to be on this trip!

To Boston

A big thank you to our students who participated in our mini trek to Boston this past April. We visited Altitute, Ambri and WikiFoods.