Companies Hiring Our Grads

Below is a partial list of companies that have hired our students from 2011-2015. The number of students hired is shown in parantheses. See full list.

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) (6) Bain & Co (5) Epic (4)
General Mills (3) Health Advances (3) LEK Consulting (2)
Microsoft (2) MIT Lincoln Lab (2) Navigant Consulting (4)
Oliver Wyman (4) Schlumberger (2) Wayfair (2)

Master of Science (MS)

Abbot Labs Allegro Microsystems AppNexus
Barclays Eaton Corporation Govt. of Trinidad & Tobago
Mars & Co. Materials Science Associates Model N
Navigant Physical Sciences, Inc. (3)  Piramal Critical Care

Master of Engineering Management (MEM) (3) (5) Arcadia Solutions (4)
athenahealth (3) Corning Inc. (3) Eaton (6)
EnerNOC (2) Goldman Sachs (2) IBM (4)
Tesla (3) Vistaprint (14) ZS Associates (3)

Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)

Argonne National Labs Boston Children's Hospital Dimensional Fund Advisors
Google (2) Glycofi JP Morgan Chase
Merck & Co Microsoft (3) Natl. Renewable Energy Lab
National Security Agency Oracle U.S. Air Force (2)