This is a partial list of scholarship opportinutues available to Thayer School undergraduates and graduates. Please alert the club of any opportunities we have missed!



Study in Aviation/Aerospace is not a necessary requirement for many of these scholarships: math, science, and engineering majors from many disiplines are also qualifying courses of study.

Scholarship Amount Application Deadline

AIAA Undergraduate Scholarships

Run by General Undergraduate Scholarships, as well as named scholarships. Contact 2009 winner Sean Currey for more information.

$2,000 End of Janurary

AIAA Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships are awarded under specific areas of study.

$5,000-$10,000 End of January

AIAA Orville and Wilbut Wright Awards

Awarded to graduate students who have completed one year of study and are currently writing a thesis.

$10,000 End of January

Lindbergh Grants

Grants available for graduate research in aviation/aerospace.

$10,580 Mid June

NASA Aeronautical Scholarship Program

Run by NASA's Aeronautical Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) and administered by the American Society of Engineering Education, the ASP scholarship is fostering new generations of scientists and engineers by giving both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity immerse themselves in aeronautical research and related fields. Contact 2009 winner Sean Currey for more information.

$15,000 for 2 years, optional summer internship Mid January

NASA College Scholarship Fund

For dependents of current or former NASA employees.

$2,000, renewable Mid March

Student Pilot Network Flight Dream Award

Awarded to students engaged in flight training at an accredited flight school.

$300-$750 Mid November

Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarship

Awarded to undergraduate and graduate engineers interested in vertical flight technology.

$2,000-$4,000 February 1


General Engineering

Scholarship Amount Application Deadline

SAE Doctoral Scholars Program

Forgivable Loan given to engineering students pursuing doctoral degrees and are interested in mobility technology. Loan is forgiven if the recipient is willing to teach.

up to $5,000 April 1
Thayer School Undergraduate Honors Program and Fellowships Various