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This page contains information for Dartmouth students interested in aerospace engineering and related fields.

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Fianaces should not be a barrier for continuing your education. Here, you'll find information about scholarships, grants, and loans for undergradate and graduate students. Whether you're interested in engineering, science, math, aviation, or any other related field, there is something for everyone.


Information about aerospace-related internships, including NASA opportunities and jobs at private companies. Check out interviews with Dartmouth students who previously participated in these programs.

Display at the 10 x 10 Supersonic Wind Tunnel @ NASA's Glenn Research Center


Research at Dartmouth

In this section, we're hoping to create a list of professors at Dartmouth who perform aerospace-related research and are looking for undergraduate assistance. If you're currently involved in a project or know of a professor looking for student help, please let us know!

Other Member Resources

Here's the link to our collaborative design project google page (note: you will need to request access):