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Chapter Leadership

Sean Currey [Branch President] | Telephone: (310) 200-8331
Sean is a senior at Dartmouth majoring in engineering sciences. He became deeply interested in aerospace engineering after working for Northop Grumman Space Technology during the summer of 2008. He is a founding member of the Dartmouth AIAA Student Branch and serves as its first Branch Chair. Sean is a member of the club lacrosse and club skiing team and is also an editor of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science.

Umair Siddiqui [Branch Vice President]
Umair is a junior at Dartmouth College and is majoring in engineering sciences and physics. He is doing research under Prof. Lynch in the Lynch Rocket Lab designing and building a photoelectric electron gun, as well as building small cubesats for Prof. Lynch's auroral sounding rocket missions. Umair enjoys skiing, hiking, and generally anything that has to do with the outdoors

Julianna Scheiman [Treasurer]
Julianna is a senior at Dartmouth majoring in engineering physics. Julianna is a talented engineer and is currently constructing weather balloon payloads for Professors Robyn Millan and Kristina Lynch as part of a NASA-sponsored expedition to Antarctica. The payloads will look for particles radiating from the plasma in the Earth's upper atmosphere. Julianna is also a memeber of the Varsity crew team.

Jake Wolf [Secretary]



Tess Korndorf [Space Design Leader]
Tess is a senior at Dartmouth majoring in biologocal sciences. Tess is our resident expert on space physiology and is currently leading a team charged with designing a heathcare system for lunar astronauts. Tess has also done research on dust particle physics at CRREL and pain tolerance in rats with a Dartmouth professor. Tess also enjoys music, sailing, and playing outside.

Jason Mintz [Programming Chair]
Jason ("Jam") is a senior at Dartmouth majoring in neuroscience and minoring in engineering sciences. He enjoys learning about biomedical engineering and its applications in the field of spaceflight medicine. When he is not practicing with the club ultimate frisbee team, Jason enjoys racing with the club skiing team and venturing into the wild with the Dartmouth Outing Club.

Derek Lyon [Outreach Coordinator]
Derek is a senior at Dartmouth interested in math, science, and philosophy, although he is still majorly undecided. Derek is a member of the chess team and practices with the Dartmouth Shotokan Karate Club. Derek currently serves as the Branch's first Student Director of Outreach and will be coordinating much of our after school science enrichment program this year.


Club Members

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Tom Collier
Tom is a senior at Dartmouth majoring in engineering sciences. He is serving as the alternate flyer for this experiment. Tom currently leads Dartmouth's new mountain biking club and in very active within the Dartmouth Outing Club. Last summer Tom worked at a precision measurement firm and is very experienced with engineering design and construction.

Louis Buck
Yolanda Lin
Heather Kluk
Liz Kemp
Tess Korndorf
Maxwell Fagin
Alexandra Grant
Michael D'Andrea
Dave Seliger
Aravind Viswanatha
Hee-Sung Yang
Robert Mercurio
Peter De Boursac
Nicholas Knezek
Mac Elatab
Andrew Pei
Rachel E. Forman
Matthew M. Heffley
Sarah M. Yu
Peter Hughes
Nick Mullins
Robert Moss
Melissa Bearden
Christopher Jean
matthew knight

Team Advisors

We are extremely thankful for the help and support of our Branch's advisors with their help on our latest reseach proposal. Imagies Courtesy Thayer School.


Simon G. ShepherdSimon Shepherd
Branch Advisor




Jay C. Buckey, Jr. Jay C. Buckey, Jr.





Nancy Serrell
Director of Outreach


Darin Knaus


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