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Welcome to the AIAA@Dartmouth!

The Student Branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Dartmouth was created to provide a place for undergraduates to pursue their love for science and engineering - especially within the field of aerospace. The branch is currently working on two major projects: (1) Establish itself as a supporter of undergraduate aeospace research, and (2) help share our members' passion for science, engineering, and manned space exploration through our local outreach programs.

New members: make sure to check out our resources page often. We will keep this page updated with valuable information on scholarships, grants, and job listings.


  • July 29 , 2010
    Julianna Scheiman got published! You can view her work on "Bending and coupling losses on tertaherz waveguides" in Optics Letters. Access is free from Baker-Berry Library.
  • July 13 , 2010
    Max made us a stellar new logo (up top, you can't miss it. Keep sending in scolarship and internship information so we can finish our resources page. A few new internship profiles have been posted already.
  • June 20 , 2010
    The Student Resources page has been updated with scholarship information. Make sure to look these over and mark the the application deadlines on your calendars! More..

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