MEM Student Demographics & Profiles


"Extraordinarily bright, hard-working, well-rounded, ambitious." —Thomas J. O'Neill, President and CEO, Parsons Brinckerhoff, describing Thayer School MEM students

MEM students are a diverse group. Within just the past few years, students have come from Austria, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, Singapore, and the United States.

Each entering MEM class has approximately 50 students.

The average starting age of an MEM student is 24.

Over one third of the students are women.

One thing all MEM students have in common: MEM students are all engineers.

Educational Background

Students usually enter the program with an ABET-accredited engineering degree. If not, they take coursework during the program to attain the ABET-accreditation level.

Many MEM students also have broad, liberal arts backgrounds.

About half of the MEM students attended university outside the US.

Previous Education: Undergraduate Major

Pie chart showing M.E.M. previous education: undergraduate major

Work Experience

The MEM program does not require applicants to have full time work experience, but about one third of all MEMs have previous full time work experience. These students typically worked between one and two years before entering the MEM program.


Tony Durivaux

Tony Durivaux, MEM ‘17

Undergraduate degree from Télécom SudParis

Neerja Bakshi

Neerja Bakshi, MEM ‘18

Undergraduate degree from Manipal University

William (Ross) Warner

William Warner, MEM ‘18

Undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College, Middlebury College

Gabriella (Bria) Grangard

Gabriella Grangard, MEM ‘18

Undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College

Megan Yeigh

Megan Yeigh, MEM ‘18

Undergraduate degree from University of Vermont

Maria (Agustina) Rapetti

Maria Rapetti, MEM ‘18

Undergraduate degree from University of Montevideo

Anant Dole, MEM ‘17

Anant Dole, MEM ‘17

Undergraduate degree from University of Cape Town

Mei (Stella) Lyu

Mei Lyu, MEM ‘17

Undergraduate degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Bangguo Yun

Bangguo Yun, MEM ‘17

Undergraduate degree from Tsinghua University

Emmanuel Annifowoshe

Emmanuel Annifowoshe MEM'15

Undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University

Maya Davis

Maya Davis MEM'16

Undergraduate degree from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth

Libby Donovan

Libby Donovan MEM'15

Undergraduate degree from Smith College

Varun Mallampalli

Varun Mallampalli MEM'15

Undergraduate degree from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Hector Moreno

Hector Moreno MEM'15

Undergraduate degree from Princeton University

Kartik Pawar

Kartik Pawar MEM'16

Undergraduate degree from Duke University

Shashank Rao

Shashank Rao MEM'16

Undergraduate degree from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India

Sarah Rood

Sarah Rood MEM'16

Undergraduate degree from George Washington University


Average Test Scores

Entering Class - Fall 2016

GRE-Q — 164 GRE-V — 158 GRE-A — 4.0 TOEFL — 110 GPA — 3.5