M.E.M. Program


The curriculum integrates engineering, optimization methods, technology assessment, project management, and core business courses. Electives typically are engineering and management courses at either Thayer School of Engineering or Tuck School of Business, but students may also choose courses from Dartmouth's other graduate science departments, The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, The Dartmouth Institute, or from Vermont Law School. Each program of study is submitted to and approved by the M.E.M. director during the student's first term of residence and updated through the program.


M.E.M. candidates lead a class presentation Students must be in residence for a minimum of 3 academic terms.

Number of Courses

Students at work The number of courses required depends on the student's preparation. Students entering the program from a university other than Dartmouth generally take 14 courses.

Dartmouth students, including dual-degree students who have obtained the B.E. at Thayer School, may count ENGS 93: Statistical Methods in Engineering toward the M.E.M. degree, even if it is taken as part of the A.B. and/or B.E. requirements. Thayer School B.E. students may, therefore, complete the M.E.M. degree with 13 courses beyond the B.E. degree. With the exception of ENGM 387, four-course loads, for courses to be used in satisfaction of the M.E.M. requirements, must be pre-approved by the M.E.M. director.

See course requirements for more details and typical programs.

Internship Project

The capstone experience of the M.E.M. program is the combination of an industry internship with the project course ENGG 390: Master of Engineering Management Project/Internship. This is usually done in the summer term. Students register for ENGG 390 in the term in which the work is done. A course fee applies. Thayer School's Career Services office assists students in finding industry internships and has done this with 100% success since the inception of the program.

* Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org