Shi (Shirley) Xu MEM'14

Shi Xu Hometown: Xuzhou, China

Previous Degree: BSc in International Logistics Engineering and Management, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

About Me: "Born in China and graduated from a college in Germany, I am a big believer in diversity. I enjoy the challenges of living under different perspectives and learning from different people. I traveled extensively and stepped on most of the countries in Asia and Europe. Coming to the U.S. thus became my next destination. The M.E.M. program not only provides a great intellectual combination of courses from different schools, but also offers a family-like environment with a culturally mixed student body. I feel inspired by these exciting interactions every day."

Why I Chose the M.E.M.: "I always consider myself as a well-rounded person with interests in various subjects. The M.E.M provides me with the flexibility to choose courses from both Thayer School and Tuck School of Business. During my undergraduate years, I learned engineering and management simultaneously and felt being a 'generalist' opened many doors to me. Therefore I decided to continue doing a combination program at a deeper level. This program is also the smallest in size of its kind. This will ensure the program quality and help build tighter connection with alumni and professors. The Dartmouth community is a tremendous one with great academic tradition and it is the best for outdoor lovers like me."